Why Is Late Summer the Best Time to Replace Your Roof?

4 Telltale Signs You Need a New Roof

Is your roof showing signs of wear and tear? Many homeowners aren’t sure how to tell when they need a new roof. Watch out for these four telltale signs that it’s time to replace it.

1. Roof Leaks

One of the most obvious indicators that you need a new roof is actual leaks inside your home. If you notice water stains on your ceilings or droplets coming through, that means your roof is failing to do its job protecting your house. Leaks tend to start small but then get progressively worse over time. Even a few minor leaks here and there are red flags and a sign that it’s time for roof replacement. Don’t ignore them and assume the problem will go away. Any type of leak is a sign to take action.

2. Missing Shingles

Take a good look at your roof from ground level. Do you notice any missing, cracked, broken, or torn shingles? Sections where shingles are absent expose the materials underneath to water damage. Nearby shingles also have to compensate and endure extra wear. Depending on the number of missing shingles you have, it could be a sign that your whole roof is aging, and it’s time to consider replacing your roof. For a very modest upfront cost, asphalt shingles will provide your home with decent protection for at least 12 to 15 years, according to our experts.

3. Age

Most roofs only last 15 to 25 years before needing replacement. If your roof is approaching or past that age range, you should expect to need a new roof soon. Even if you don’t see visible damage yet, the integrity of the materials and sealants naturally diminishes over time. Old roofs become more vulnerable to leaks. Don’t wait until major problems emerge; be proactive about replacing an aging roof.

4. High Energy Bills

Have your energy bills mysteriously gone up recently? This could be due to a poorly insulated roof allowing conditioned air to escape. A new roof means the opportunity to add better insulation during the installation process. Along with fixing leaks, a new well-insulated roof can help improve energy efficiency and lower your bills.

Roof leaks, missing shingles, age, and high energy costs are telltale signs your home needs a roof replacement. At the first indication, start researching local roofing companies to find a licensed contractor you trust. Investing in a new roof early on can prevent more costly damage down the road. Protect your most valuable asset, your home, by acting quickly when you spot the signs for a much-needed new roof. When you have any indications that you need a new roof, reach out to us today at Paramount Roof. We’re here for you!

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