Replacing Your Roof (Reroof)

Replacing Roof on Home Paramount Roofing

End of Useful Life –  Often homeowners put off scheduling roof replacement because the size of the task and the cost, but waiting too long often means little problems become big expensive problems.

How do you know when the useful life of your roof is over?

Asphalt roofs typically last about twenty to thirty years, depending on conditions. Metal roofs typically last about fifty years to one hundred years.

How do you know the age of your roof?

    • Check your records most roofs come with a warranty and it will tell you when the roof was installed.
    • Check with building inspection department of your municipality. Many municipalities require building permits when a roof is installed and there will be a dated roof inspection document.
    • Check with the previous owner.
    • Are you neighbors replacing their roofs. Often homes in subdivisions are built at the same time.
    • Contact Paramount for a free roof inspection (608) 467-4112 or (262) 565-1245  Contact Us

Storm Damage

Wind and hail can cause significant damage to you roof. If after a storm you notice missing shingles, punctured or damaged shingles or significant granule loss you should have your roof inspected. Often hail damage will not be visible from the ground so a professional roof inspection is always a good idea after a hail storm. Call Paramount Roofing for a free inspection. (608) 467-4112 or (262) 565-1245  Contact Us

Winter is Coming

Snow, ice, and winds can cause significant damage to a roof. An inadequate roof in the fall can turn to an expensive problem during the winter. Be safe give us a call for a free roof inspection and a free estimate for roof replacement. (608) 467-4112 or (262) 565-1245  Contact Us

Other Warning Signs that You May Need a New Roof

  • Granules missing from asphalt shingles
  • Shingle granules in your gutters
  • Missing shingles
  • Shingles curled and/or cupped
  • Dark stains on the roof
  • Shingles with exposed nails
  • Metal roofs that are rusty
  • Metal roofs with loose or out of place panels
  • Moisture or water damage in the attic or the homes interior
  • Broken roof valleys
  • Missing chimney flashing
  • Daylight in your attic

Replace Your Roof to Change Your Homes Appearance

You may have purchased an existing home and you don’t like the way the roof looks. You may be remodeling your home and the existing roof does not fit with the new design. Either way we can help with the roof replacement. Give Paramount a call for a free estimate for roof replacement (608) 467-4112 or (262) 565-1245  Contact Us