5 Signs Your Business Needs a New Roof This Spring

roof repairsIn many parts of the country, winter weather can be harsh — especially on your business’s roof. Come spring, you may discover that snow, ice, wind, or even old age have taken their toll. Fortunately, spring is the perfect time to conduct roof repairs or install a brand new roof. If you think you might require new commercial roofing, our roofing contractors are here to help. But if you want to know the surefire signs of a worn-out roof, look for the following.

Interior tile discoloration

Have you or your employees noticed brown spots on the ceiling tiles? Those spots are a pretty good indication that there’s water damage from your roof. They often pop up before you ever notice an actual leak. While they spread gradually, you should have your roof inspected as soon as you see them. However, they can also be caused by leaky pipes, so you’ll probably want to cover your bases here.

Frequent leaks

If you have to pull out the buckets every time it rains, your business probably needs a new roof, or at the very least, extensive repairs. Older or damaged roofs are obviously more vulnerable, and as time goes on, the waterproof material in the roof starts to weaken. Moisture then gets trapped and the buildup ends up leaking into the interior of your business. Since you likely have expensive furnishings or technical equipment that can easily be damaged by water, it’s best not to wait for the leaks to get worse.

Visible deformities or damage

You should inspect your roof every spring and fall for missing shingles, cracks, bubbles, buckling, and storm damage. With commercial roofing, these deformities are usually pretty easy to spot. If something doesn’t look quite right, you should seize the opportunity to install a new roof while the weather is relatively mild. Your roof will only continue to break down over time, so it’s better to replace it before it falls in. Otherwise, you’re putting your business and employees at risk.

Roof puddles

Puddles may be a common sight on the ground after a rainstorm, but you shouldn’t see them on your roof. If you notice water isn’t draining properly off your roof, that trapped moisture will eventually cause damage. This might even be a sign your business’s roof wasn’t even installed correctly to begin with. More than likely, you’ll need a new roof to fix this issue.

Higher energy bills

You might not realize it, but your current roof may be causing your heating and cooling bills to skyrocket. If your existing roof has a leak, you may be losing heat in the winter. And in the summer, a dark asphalt roof can absorb a lot more heat, causing your cooling bills to be a lot higher than you’d like. By installing a cool metal roof instead, you could be saving up to 25{7e6cc862935509cf03392ffa9b415296648e98511f0177e60c26410ea0a1794b} in energy costs, which can make a big difference for how efficiently your business operates. Not only will your employees be more comfortable, but you won’t have to crank up the heat or AC as much. It’ll probably make a huge difference in a few months’ time!

If your commercial roof isn’t keeping your business dry and comfortable, it’s time for a new one. Here at Paramount Roof, we can perform the repairs or replacement your business requires. To learn more, contact us today.