7 Reasons Metal Roofs Are Better Than Conventional Roofs

metal roofingRoofing is arguably one of the most important elements on your home; no roof, no shelter, no home. Conventional asphalt shingle roofs are prone to storm damage and need to be maintained and repaired frequently, even if there is no storm to damage them. One consumer survey aiming to discover what is most important to homeowners searching for a new roof to purchase found that durability was the most important features, with 88{7e6cc862935509cf03392ffa9b415296648e98511f0177e60c26410ea0a1794b} of people putting that first. The second most important feature was longevity, according to 83{7e6cc862935509cf03392ffa9b415296648e98511f0177e60c26410ea0a1794b} of the people taking the survey.

Advantages of metal roofing:

    1. Longevity– Metal roofing can last a lifetime, whereas shingles and asphalt need to be redone every decade or two.


    1. Environmentally friendly- metal roofing can be installed on top of an existing roof, reducing waste. Metal is also recyclable, where other roofing materials contribute about 20 billion pounds of landfill waste every year.
    2. Energy savings- Metal roofs keep the house cooler, saving you about 25{7e6cc862935509cf03392ffa9b415296648e98511f0177e60c26410ea0a1794b} of your previous energy costs.


    1. Durability- The most common reason for roof repairs is damage after extreme weather conditions — up to 65{7e6cc862935509cf03392ffa9b415296648e98511f0177e60c26410ea0a1794b} of the time, according to recent survey. Metal stands up to higher winds and roof hail damage, and will cost much less in roof repairs over time.


    1. Resale value– installing metal roofing on your home can help recoup about 85{7e6cc862935509cf03392ffa9b415296648e98511f0177e60c26410ea0a1794b} of the costs with the increase in value of your home. In some states, Texas being one example, installing a metal roof can lower your homeowner’s insurance by 35{7e6cc862935509cf03392ffa9b415296648e98511f0177e60c26410ea0a1794b} because of its durability.


    1. Variety- metal roofing can be designed to look like any other material you’d like, including asphalt shingles or terracotta.


  1. Cost- Though the initial sticker price of metal roofing is a little higher than other materials, because it lasts so much longer and doesn’t need maintenance, it will cost thousands less than conventional roofing materials like asphalt shingles.

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