7 Tips for Winterizing Your Roof

Many factors can cause extensive destruction on your roof during the cold season. Snow, ice dams, and icicles are some of the elements that can cause leaks and rots. Unfortunately, almost all roofs are vulnerable to this sort of damage. Here are some top tips on how to winterize your roof.

1. Clear the Gutters

In autumn, leaves and sticks can fill up the gutters and prevent water drainage away from the roof. When winter comes, snow will weigh down the gutters and may rip them off. That is why it is advisable to clear your gutters of debris in the fall. It is a cost-effective way to prevent damage to your roof.

2. Trim Branches

The accumulation of snow could also weigh down overhanging branches and eventually cause them to break off. Falling branches can destroy parts of your asphalt roof. The resulting debris can also clog the gutters and increase the risk of water damage to both the roof and other parts of the structure.

3. Check the Flashing

There may already be signs of considerable damage to the shingles or the flashing. Due to exposure to moisture and the elements, the flashing can warp or shrink over time. It could also be due to an unprofessional installation. In case you notice any sign that your flashing is compromised, it is advisable to hire a commercial roofing company to repair it before winter sets in.

4. Inspect the Attic

Ice dams can cause extensive damage to roof seams, flashing, gutters, and other parts of your roof. If there isn’t sufficient ventilation in your attic, it can encourage the formation of icicles. It is, therefore, wise to periodically inspect your attic and check for leaks and holes. It is also wise to have a commercial roofing professional check your attic insulation. The materials should be of a grade that is suitable for your climate. Insulating your attic will save you from paying high energy bills resulting from an overworking HVAC system.

5. Watch Out for Signs of Moss

You shouldn’t ignore signs of moss on your roof. It is most destructive on asphalt roofing, but it can also damage wood and other materials. As it gets clumpy, it shifts the tiles of the roof and allows water to get underneath. Therefore, you need to address it before winter to prevent irreversible damage.

6. Schedule a Professional Inspection from Paramount Roofing and Siding

It is also a good idea to hire a certified roofing contractor to inspect your roofing before winter. They have the experience to spot signs of potential issues. You can also take advantage of their expertise to gain more insights on how to maintain your roof.

7. Undertake Professional Roof Repair from Paramount Roofing and Siding

You may have noticed some problems with your roof and kept postponing repairs. Unfortunately, winter comes with a set of challenges, which make your roof even more vulnerable. It is important to ensure all roof repairs are undertaken before winter sets in. Before you attempt to carry out repairs, you should be conscious of the dangers of falling from a roof. Commercial roofing contractors use safety equipment to minimize the risk of fall risk. They are also able to determine whether to undertake simple repairs or a re-roof. Some of the winterizing tips are simple, cost-effective, and go a long way in preserving your roof. Clearing the gutters can reduce incidences of leaks and rot. However, a thorough inspection from a residential and commercial roofing company is the best way to protect your roof before winter. Call Paramount Roofing and Siding today for professional roof inspection and repairs (608) 467-4112 

Whether you need a reroof, a complete roof replacement, or a professional roof repair, Paramount Roofing and Siding of Madison, Wisconsin will take care of all your roofing concerns. With quality, trained professionals, they will assess the condition of your roof, and guide you on taking further action. Let us help you replace your roof.

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