All You Need to Know About Reroofing Your Home

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All You Need to Know About Reroofing Your Home

Your roof is one of the most important features in the home, protecting you and your family from the elements. Lower quality roofing systems and those over 20 years old are most likely to succumb to the harsh winter weather. Most homeowners do not realize that they have multiple options when it comes to patching up their failing roof. You may opt for a new installation by tearing off the previous roof. However, an expert roofing contractor can help you save money by reroofing your home.

Reroofing Vs. Roof Replacement

After an inspection of your asphalt roof, your roofing contractor may suggest that you need a new roof. Reroofing is a quicker and less costly way to restore the beauty of your home by building a new roof over the current one. The roof installer will place new shingles over the old roof, restoring your home’s aesthetics. You can save time and money as you do not tear off the worn-out roof.

Asphalt roof replacement involves ripping off the old shingles, exposing the underlying deck. The roofing company then installs a new roof that can last for up to twenty years. If your roof is severely damaged or has been reroofed before, it would be best to tear it off and install a new one.

Preparation for Reroofing

The first step to reroof your home may be to schedule a professional inspection through your local roofing contractor. The experts can help you determine if you need a new roof and whether your home is an ideal candidate for reroofing.

If you have solar panels installed, you may need to liaise with the solar company to take down the panels before the reroofing project kicks off. You may need to rely on the utility grid power for some days. The temporary removal of your panels may take approximately a day and nearly the same time to set the cells back after installing the new roof.

Inform Your Family

You may need to alert your family of the expected bangs and noise that may arise as the roofers install your new shingles. The loud noises may affect your kids and pets, increasing anxiety and disturbing their sleeping patterns. Inform them that certain areas of the home and the yard may be off-limits until you complete the reroof.

Only Hire a Certified Roof Contractor

Reroofing is a complex and dangerous home improvement project that should only be carried out by a licensed roofing contractor. Find a qualified installer that has the skills and knowledge to complete the project in the shortest time possible without any accidents. A wrong installation may force you to replace the new roof entirely, which would be an expensive mistake. Remember to choose a roofing contractor with an active insurance policy that may protect your property and any worker injured at the job site.

Some roofing issues may demand that you get a new roof system immediately. Reroofing is an excellent option for a homeowner that wishes to restore the beauty of their exterior without huge expenses. To schedule a roof inspection for your home, reach out to Paramount Roofing and Siding, LLC.

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