Avoid the Need For Roof Repairs This Winter

Being Aware of The Common Winter Roof  Concerns” Can Help Avoid Future Roof Repairs

roof repairs madison wiAlthough Wisconsin has been able to stay out of the brutal path of winter storm Paramount, roofing contractors are certainly no stranger to snowfall. While the snow piles are getting higher in many areas in the Mid-West, the accumulation of heavy snow on top of houses is something that everyone needs to consider during the winter season. The kind of roofing options utilized can have a big impact on how much pressure can be withstood before professional roof repairs are required. Metal roofing is typically considered the strongest. It can not only last a lifetime, but also usually comes with a warranty that lasts 30 to 50 years.

“The roofs from here to Maine are built to withstand four feet of snow, without drifting,” said Sean Barowski of Central PA Roofers in Camp Hill. “People don’t need to panic.” As Barowski also notes, it’s the snow drifts that build up on rooftops that are the major cause for concern. That — along with clearing out your gutters to allow for a free flowing runoff of melting snow and water — can play a big part in ensuring you avoid potential disaster and future roof repair.

There are some pretty obvious, yet important warning signs the advisory piece recommends every homeowner watch out for. Cracking sounds in the house, doors that don’t open correctly, and any sort of seeps or leaks are tell-tale signs that something has gone wrong on your rubber roofing.

It’s also crucial to consider the kind of snowfall you’re getting. The weight of one foot of fresh snow ranges from three psf (pounds per square foot) for light dry snow to 21 psf for wet heavy snow, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s snow load safety guide (FEMA).

No matter which of the many roofing options you chose for your house, keeping track of the amount and type of snow, as well as listening for any abnormal sounds or occurrences inside, can play a big role in keeping you safe and protected during the harsh winter months, even if Jonas does decide to come play in the Midwest.

If you want to make sure your roof will withstand this winter and avoid future roof repairs, be sure to contact the best roofing contractors Madison Wisconsin has to offer, Paramount Roofing and Siding LLC. Don’t forget to ask about our Free 100{7e6cc862935509cf03392ffa9b415296648e98511f0177e60c26410ea0a1794b}, Non-prorated Materials and Workmanship Warranty for Life!

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