Metal Roofing Madison WI – Paramount Roofing installed a new metal roof over our existing asphalt roof!

We signed a contract in fall 2011 with Paramount Roofing knowing that weather would determine start date. Installation began the first week of April, 2012. The crew arrived promptly the morning of April 2 and continued daily to completion on April 11. They worked steadily and did a good job of cleaning up after the end of each day’s work. Crew was courteous and pleasant. President Mike and wife Peggy were diligent about checking on progress, answering question and were anxious to assure our satisfaction. A new roof is inherently expensive. We believe we paid a fair price based on longevity and quality of metal roofing compared to aluminum or asphalt roofing. We give Paramount Roofing a strong endorsement and would recommend them to others.

BarbaraMadison WI