Essential Summer Repairs to Make Before Winter Hits!

Any good homeowner should know that summer is the perfect time to make home repairs, especially if it has to do with the outside of your home. With spring rains and winter snow, sometimes summer is the only season to make these vital home repairs. Consider performing these home repairs before winter hits.

Replace your old roof

Getting a residential steel roof is one of the best things you can do for your home. Not only will it protect your home from those leaks you noticed in the spring, it can lower your home insurance by nearly 35% in some states. Metal roofs are essential additions to any home if you have trouble with water damage, algae and moss issues, or just want to improve the insulation of your home. If you’re looking for a new roof, consider purchasing a residential steel roof over getting the same old roof repairs year after year.

AC repairs

You’re not going to know your air conditioner is having issues until you rev it up. To make the summer heat more bearable, get the proper AC repairs. Before winter hits, make sure your heating system is also in working conditions. You should perform mandatory inspections of your HVAC system twice a year. A new steel roof can also make your home more energy efficient, thereby lowering the strain put on your AC and heating.

Siding damage

The siding of your house is probably lower on your list of priorities, but summer is the perfect time to make necessary repairs. It not only protects the structure and foundation of your home from weather hazards, it’s also an important aspect to your home’s aesthetic. Summer offers the best weather to work outside and fix up your home’s siding to ensure no damage is incurred when harsher weather hits. Do this before the next blizzard rolls through town.

Repair your gutters

Avoid slipping off your ladder in the winter or spring by making your gutter repairs in the summer. Spring often brings a slew of bird nests, leaves, and pollen that can clog your gutters. Clean them out and make any repairs to promote the longevity of your gutters. It’ll also have the added benefit of keeping your roof clean and sustained.
If spring is time for cleaning, then summer is the time for repair. Follow these necessary summer repair tips to ensure your home is ready for harsher weather down the line.

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