How Asphalt Shingles Have Improved Over the Years

Asphalt Shingle Roof

How Asphalt Shingles Have Improved Over the Years

Asphalt shingle roofs have been around for a while, according to The Spruce. First used in 1901, they have been a go-to roofing material for American homes for over a century. Asphalt shingles continue to be a popular roofing material due to their durability and affordability. Let’s look at how asphalt shingle roofs have changed over the years.

Advanced Technology

When you hear the word technology you don’t immediately think of shingles, but technology does play a part in the development and improvement of everything including building materials. Technology just refers to the scientific application of knowledge to improve something. Through advanced technology, modern asphalt shingles come in many different types, sizes, and qualities.

Better Manufacturing Processes

In an effort to always work toward more sustainable practices, the manufacturing process of creating asphalt shingles has also improved. These improvements in manufacturing processes also make it possible to provide customers with a wider range of options. Today you can get asphalt shingles that are algae resistant, UV stabilized, and more. Architectural shingles also provide customers with even more benefits such as wind resistance.

Extended Longevity

Asphalt shingles today have a longer lifespan than ever before. The longevity of shingles plays a huge role in construction. Homeowners want shingles that last a long time, so that they’re not constantly being met with repairs. The longer the shingles on the roof last, the better return you also get on your investment.

Improved Design Choices

Today, homeowners have more choices than ever when it comes to design and colors for shingles. In the past, you had very limited options when it came to colors or designs. When you work with roofing contractors to install asphalt shingles, you’ll have many options available to you. You can talk with your roofing experts about which colors and designs would go well with the rest of your home’s exterior.

Energy Efficient Options

Everyone is concerned with energy efficiency today, and for good reason. Energy costs are on the rise and resources are dwindling. Every homeowner should do their part to ensure they’re using resources wisely and this includes energy. New asphalt shingles can help your home operate more energy efficiently.

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