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How Does Summer Weather Impact Your Roof?

When most people think of roof damage, they think of freezing cold winters and ice damage. And, while it is true that inadequate attic insulation can contribute to ice dams and roof damage, the summer can be just as brutal. Here are four ways that your roof is affected during the peak of summer.

1. UV Damage

Just as UV light can harm human skin, it can also harm your roof. UV rays can contribute to aging and decay, and they’re present even during cloudy days. This invisible spectrum of light can bleach wood and cause weakness and cracks, as well as the dissipation of oils in roofing material that can cause buckling and splitting.

2. Heat Damage

While many people enjoy the heat of summer, your roof isn’t a fan. When roofs aren’t shaded, darker colors can absorb heat and reach extremely high temperatures, up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit on peak summer days. These high temperatures can cause reactions in your roofing and cause a fast breakdown. Fortunately, proper attic ventilation can help mitigate this effect and prevent heat from building inside your home as well.

3. Thermal Shock Damage

As you’ve learned, on hot days your roof can heat up quite a bit; however, when night hits it can experience shock from the cooling. Because heating and cooling induce expansion and contraction in building materials, your roof can be weakened by this effect which can compromise its integrity over time.

4. Damage from Storms

Lastly, but possibly most significantly, is the storms that ravage many areas in the United States during the summer. While winter storms can be problematic, thunderstorms during the summer have a greater potential for hail damage and damage from falling or flying debris. Both wind and hail can cause serious issues that could result in leaks, while debris can cause denting or buildup in gutters. Gutter blockages and buildup can put unnecessary weight on your roof that could cause additional damage.

So how can you keep your roof in good condition this summer? Start by getting an inspection from a roofing contractor in the spring and another before winter hits. This is the best way to catch problem areas and repair them before a complete replacement becomes necessary. By doing this, you can prolong the life of your roof and keep it in good condition for longer.

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