How to Check the Quality of the Roof During the Home Buying Process?

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How to Check the Quality of the Roof During the Home Buying Process

A house must have a solid roof that is in good condition for it to be a viable option for a homebuyer. If you buy a home that has a roof that is in disrepair, the selling price should reflect the additional cost needed to build a new roof. Otherwise, you bought a lemon that needs more than a little roof maintenance to be whole again. The following tips can help you to determine whether or not a prospective home has a solid roof that is in good condition.

Conduct a Visual Inspection

A quick check of the home’s exterior can help to tell if the roof is solid. You should look for sharp, straight lines and shingles that look uniform and fully secured to the rooftop. Any signs of loose shingles or low spots along the roof line are good indicators of a bad roof. Newer rooftops are designed to withstand between 15 and 30 pounds of snow per square foot, according to the Washington Post. Those that don’t support the weight of snow fall tend to sag and have low spots. You also should look for moss growing on the rooftop of eaves and trees whose branches might be in contact with the roof, which are signs that damage has occurred.

Check the Attic for Signs of Leaks

You also should check the underside of the roof by going into the attic to see how it looks on the inside. Any signs of leaks or deteriorated insulation hanging from the rooftop are sure signs of a problem with the roof and indicates a need for roof maintenance or repairs. You might notice plywood that has water stains or might be rotting and weak. You also can check any skylights, vents, or chimneys to see if they’re sealed properly and have flashing that is in good condition.

Request Roof Maintenance Records

You should ask the current owner for roof maintenance records that document when the roof was built and any maintenance or repairs that were done. You especially want to check for a recent rooftop inspection and any maintenance done within a year of the owner listing the home for sale. The more recent the inspection and any work, the more likely it is to be in good condition and have plenty of service life remaining.

Ultimately, paying for a roof inspection is the best way to determine its condition and likely remaining service life. You can call Paramount’s friendly staff to schedule an inspection and put your mind at ease.

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