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Reroofing Replacement vs. Recover: Which Is Right for You?

Reroofing Replacement vs. Recover: Which Is Right for You?

Roofs are not built to last forever, and at some point or another, you will need to address issues related to old or unstable roofs. There are two general approaches to reroofing: replacing and recovering your roof. When you replace your roof, you are swapping the entire existing roof with all new materials. When you reroof through recovery, you install an additional roof covering on top of the existing one. The question is, s you approach a reroof project, which option is right for you? Let’s look into the benefits of recovery versus replacement.

Pro Recovery: Lower Cost in the Right Conditions

If you have just a single layer of shingles on top of your roof in relatively decent condition, you may be in a good position for a recovery. This would potentially save you the cost that you would spend on a full roof replacement. Not only do you have to pay for the replacement outright, but you also need to be able to dispose of the old roof. While not every reroof project is a good candidate for recovery, when they are, you may be able to save some money.

Pro Replacement: A Safe Solution

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider a replacement over recovery is that your roof is actively experiencing rot. Once rot has set in, your roof will pose risks. In that case, a recovery may not be a safe solution. When you have the entire rotting roof removed and replaced, you can start fresh knowing that your new roof is completely safe.

Pro Recovery: Less Time

Often, it may take less time to have your roof recovered as opposed to being replaced. A recovered roof often only needs to be recovered in specific places, while a replaced roof will be an intensive process. You’ll save some time and avoid inconvenience through a recovery.

Pro Replacement: You Can Fix Unevenness

When you have a replacement, you’re able to get rid of uneven shingles which are not only potentially hazardous but difficult to look at. A roof recovery cannot address this and would not be a good solution for unevenness.

When deciding whether to choose replacement or recovery for your reroof project, consult with Paramount Roofing to help you decide which option is right for you. Doing so will help ensure your roof gets the proper attention it needs.

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