5 Roof Repairs You May Need After a Big Storm

5 Roof Repairs You May Need After a Big Storm

Severe weather can take a real toll on your roof. If your area was recently hit by nasty weather, you may find some shingles missing or other issues. Here are some of the common roof repairs you may need after a big storm hits your home.

1. Fix Loose or Lost Shingles

Powerful winds can cause shingles to crack, lift up, or completely fly off your roof. Make sure to contact your local roofing service to re-secure any loosened shingles to prevent leaks. Have them replace any missing or damaged ones with new shingles that match your existing roof. They’ll typically focus on repairing areas around vents, skylights, and eaves first.

2. Repair Flashing

The flashing around chimneys, vents, and valley areas takes a beating during bad weather. Storm damage may cause flashing to detach. Water can seep under and through loose flashing, so make those repairs a priority. Contact your roofing service for roof repairs and to re-seal any separated roof flashing before checking for interior leaks.

3. Clear Debris

After high winds, your roof is likely covered in sticks, leaves, and other debris. Clear off as much as you can using a roof rake. Debris can clog drains and gutters. According to the Washington Post, most newer roofs are built to withstand loads of 15 to 30 pounds per square foot, but that doesn’t mean you want to leave debris on your roof where it can absorb water and cause damage. Contact your local roofing service to help clear debris you can’t reach and to repair any damage that the debris may have caused.

4. Replace Damaged Underlayment

If your shingles were torn off in sections, the roofing underlayment beneath them may be damaged from exposure. Have your roofing service replace any torn underlayment to maintain a waterproof barrier under your shingles. This helps prevent future interior water damage.

5. Inspect for Leaks

Check inside your attic and along ceilings for any signs of water intrusion after a storm. Dark stains, drips, or damp areas indicate roof leaks. Any roof repairs should address identified leak points. Look for daylight streaming in from holes or gaps from the exterior, too.

Severe storms can do quite a number on your roof, but with some roof repairs and maintenance, you can get your roof back into pre-storm condition. Following a large storm, you should hire a professional to inspect your roof and determine if repairs are needed. When you need this service, turn to us at Paramount Roof. Call now to schedule an appointment!

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