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Here’s How a Metal Roof Could Help You Out This Winter

Freezing temperatures, strong winds, and snow and ice aren’t likely to do your home any favors. And if you need a new roof, this will probably be the time of year in which that necessity becomes apparent to all. Fortunately, replacing a roof in winter may be a lot easier than you’d think — especially if you’ve chosen a metal roof. Not only is its installation possible during this time of year, but this roofing material can provide a whole host of benefits throughout the season. Here are a few reasons why metal roofing is a smart choice to help you fight the winter blues.

It’ll Keep Your Home More Comfortable

One of the reasons homeowners choose metal when they need a new roof is due to the energy efficiency it provides. That’s extremely appealing in the summertime, as your home will probably be significantly cooler without having to crank up the air conditioning. But it’s a huge plus in the winter, too. One study found that while the surface temperatures of asphalt and metal roofs were pretty comparable during the winter, the interior temperatures of homes with metal roofs were much warmer than those with asphalt roofing during the colder months. This material is designed to effectively insulate the home, meaning that you’ll be able to offset heating costs without sacrificing your own comfort.

Your Home Will Withstand the Weather

Winter weather conditions can be harsh on homes, particularly where the roof is concerned. Low-quality roofs and roofs that are more than 20 years old have a greater risk of being damaged by snow accumulation, ice, and high winds. But as your metal roofing contractor will tell you, this is one of the best options when you need a new roof that will be able to endure inclement weather. Instead of allowing ice and snow to build up on top of the roofing structure, metal roofs actually slough off those elements. That means your home will have greater structural integrity and you won’t have to worry about a roof collapse or other issues. It’s also one of the most durable roofing options available, which means it can last for 50 years or longer without the need for replacement.

You Won’t Have to Deal With Leaks

The fact that snow and ice slides right off of metal roofing also means leaks due to snow buildup simply won’t happen. But water leaks are less likely to happen in general with metal roofs, too. That’s because metal roofing offers increased watertight capabilities as compared to asphalt and other roofing materials. Whether your area is prone to ice and snow or simply gets a lot of rain, you won’t experience water damage due to seeping moisture. That’s one less thing to worry about throughout the year — and one less reason to need a new roof next winter.

While there are numerous choices for roofing replacement, metal roofs offer the quality, durability, and energy efficiency today’s homeowners want most. If you’ve decided you want to explore your metal roofing options, we’re here to help this winter. Contact Paramount Roofing and Siding today to learn more.