Should You Ever Attempt DIY Roof Repair?

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Should You Ever Attempt DO IT YOURSELF Roof Repair?

 When homeowners choose to have a new roof installed, 88% say that durability is the number one factor that prompted their choice. Of course, even with a superb rating and high-quality installation, no roof lasts forever. If and when your roof sustains some kind of damage, you might be wondering: do I really need to hire a roofing company for that?

Do-it-yourself tutorials are all the rage, which makes many homeowners believe that they can tackle virtually any problem that comes up on their property. Instead of finding professional roofing help, you might be tempted to play Mr. or Ms. Fix-It. But acting as your own roofing contractor can be a huge mistake. Don’t believe us? This post will illustrate some of the risks you take when you choose to DIY.

Here’s Why You Shouldn’t DIY Roof Repairs:

• You Won’t Save Money

DIY tutorials are often appealing due to their cost-cutting abilities. With many home renovation projects, it is possible to save quite a bit by eliminating professional labor and sourcing certain materials yourself. But with major roof restoration, going this route isn’t going to help your bottom line. Accessing the materials and tools you need to perform these repairs will set you back quite a bit, for one thing. And if you don’t conduct these repairs correctly, you’re going to end up paying extra for roofing help anyway. It pays to have the job done right the first time.

• You Could Risk Your Safety

Another immensely important point to consider here is your personal safety. Installing or repairing a roof is dangerous, particularly if you’re a total novice. While professional roofers have access to the equipment and experience (as well as the insurance coverage) to ensure their safety, the same cannot be said for the average homeowner. One slip could lead to extensive injuries or even death, in some cases. What’s more, your roof might be so damaged that it isn’t structurally sound. In the end, you really shouldn’t venture onto your roof at all if you want to protect yourself.

• You Might Void Your Warranty

If you choose to DIY roof repairs or replacement, you may end up voiding your roof warranty. That means that if something goes wrong in the future, you will end up needing to pay for these costs out of pocket. Manufacturers of roofing materials want to ensure that their products are handled and installed by trained professionals; this is really the best way to promote safety and superior performance. Not being covered by a warranty means that if you end up facing an even bigger roofing problem down the line, you’ll pay way more to fix it than if you had just hired professionals in the first place.

• You May Make Things Worse

When you DIY, you run the risk of missing the actual source of the problem. For instance, you might believe that your work fixed a small aesthetic issue. But instead, your efforts might simply have covered that problem up. You aren’t in a position to be able to diagnose major roof problems or even install materials properly. Because of that, you could end up making a small issue much worse. By not securing roofing help from the onset, you’ll deal with greater frustration, higher costs, and potentially more damage down the line. Completing DIY projects can provide a sense of accomplishment, but it’s important to know when it’s time to call in the experts. Rather than struggle with DIY roofing repairs, you should always contact Paramount Roofing for roofing help. For more information on our services and materials, please get in touch with us today.

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