The Different Types of Roofs You May Have on Your Home

The Different Types of Roofs You May Have on Tour Home

The Different Types of Roofs You May Have on Your Home

Are you thinking of roofing your house or replacing an existing roof? You need to first look at the different types of roofs and figure out which one you have on your home. Here are the major roof types you need to know about.

Gable Roof

Do you remember when you used to draw houses using crayons? Chances are you were drawing a gable roof all the time without even knowing what it’s called. The gable roof is essentially a triangle with its base resting on top of the house. There are several slopes for the gable roof. Some roofs have a steep chalet-style design, and some have a gentle grade.

Many people use the gable roof style. This is because it is easy to use with a variety of house designs. You can also improve the look of a regular gable roof with front gables over your entryways. Some people also use gable designs with two ridges set at right angles. All you need to do is sit and talk with your roofing company to find out what design matches your house.

Gambrel Roof

Think of the classic red barn with white trim. That’s exactly what a gable roof looks like. This roof type has two slopes: one slope is rather steep and the other gentle. This design type enables you to use the upper floor as a loft or extra bedroom. You can add two windows to the sides of the gamble roof if you want to bring in more natural light. This also allows you to use the upper story for different purposes. You can discuss with your roofing company to see how they can help you create more space at the top story.

Hip Roof

Traditional hip roofs consist of quad equal-length sides that meet to create a simple ridge. There are several variations of this roof. For instance, there are half-hip options that feature two shorter sides with eaves. Because most of the roof will be quite visible when people are looking at your house, you need to install nice shingles on the roof. These shingles will contribute a lot to the overall look and design of your house.

All these roof types can be used with different types of shingles. Most people prefer asphalt shingles for many reasons. These shingles have been around for a while since 1901. Ever since they have been a huge part of the American home landscape, after choosing a roof type, you can go over the shingle options with your Paramount Roofing and Siding.

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