Top Vinyl Siding Trends for Your Home

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Top Vinyl Siding Trends for Your Home

Home improvements are on the rise in 2021. A prominent trend for exterior home designs is replacing brick with vinyl siding. Vinyl remains an extremely affordable siding material for installations. Under normal circumstances, today’s vinyl is virtually indestructible, insect and weatherproof, and fade-resistant, making it a prime siding choice. There is no better way to increase your curb appeal than to use vinyl siding installation services from top siding contractors. Below are popular vinyl home siding trends for 2021.

Add Contrast With Vinyl Siding

Using unexpected colors is a popular siding style today. Darker siding with high-contrast trim is a modern trend that creates a contemporary style. It’s still popular to use natural or light-colored siding too. However, contrast is expressed with accents and window frames of darker colors. Create more depth in home siding with the dramatic effect of contrasting colors.

Embrace Different Colors, Styles, and Finishes

Vinyl siding is available in a variety of colors, finishes, and styles. It is a versatile siding option that has the unique ability to meet color trends for 2021. Choose from the following eye-catching and dramatic colors that allow you to add more architectural appeal with accents and lighting.

• Charcoal

• Natural Wood

• White

• Cobalt

• Deep Gray

• Blue

When choosing colors, stay within a single-color family for the best results. Besides the top colors for vinyl siding in 2021, siding is also available in various creative textures and shapes. Add visual interest from one part of the exterior of your home to the next. Shaped and textured siding in various colors is slated to become a highly prominent choice that adds more depth and detail.

Accents Go Vertical With Versatile Vinyl Siding

Since vinyl is both versatile and flexible, it is perfect for modernizing your home by having it hung vertically. Hanging vinyl vertically allows accents to be placed nearly anywhere. Work closely with a top vinyl installation company to place vinyl vertically in areas that allow you to create more interest.

Contact Vinyl Siding Experts

The most popular siding trends for homes in 2021 are intriguing and exciting. Contact Paramount Roofing and Siding to find out how to incorporate current siding trends to improve the exterior of your home. They will introduce you to a plethora of vinyl choices that are affordable as well as aesthetically pleasing.

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